Please see below how our autonomous
bed bug AI detectors work?

Bed Bug detected = Email/Smart phone alert

Every time a bed bug enters a Pod within your establishment clustered LoRaWAN network provided by Spotta. You'll receive a smart phone + email alert with a photo of the trapped bed bug along with the room number. It's as simple as that.​

Attracting bed bugs

Spotta’s patented natural pheromone used by our company offers superior efficacy compared to synthetic alternatives, and it is completely odorless, making it an ideal solution for discreet pest control measures.

Our innovative design of the Pod takes advantage of the bed bugs’ behavior and movement patterns, allowing for optimal placement between the mattress and bed frame or bed base ensemble.

This strategic positioning enables the Pod to effectively intercept the bed bugs as they travel to and from their hiding places to feed.

Unlike other traps placed on the floor or at the feet, the Pod offers a more direct and efficient means of capturing bed bugs without disrupting their natural movements.

Avoiding false alerts

By utilizing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) image processing, our system can accurately identify and differentiate bed bugs from other insects, providing reliable and efficient detection for our customers without false alarms. Upon entering the Pod, bed bugs are automatically photographed and analyzed by our algorithms to confirm their identity before sending a notification to the customer.

Suitable for all accommodations, our system is versatile and adaptable.

Our Pod are designed to be low-maintenance and user-friendly, with a battery life that is synchronised with the lifespan of the pheromone. This eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements, providing hassle-free operation.

In addition, the Pod is preconfigured for easy integration with LoRaWAN, a wireless network protocol designed for efficient communication between connected devices.

We will provide routers to cover the entire hotel/establishment. 

Our routers are highly efficient and self-sufficient, requiring only a power supply to operate. Depending on the layout and size of the establishment, only one router may be needed, although additional routers can be added as required. Thanks to the use of 4G/5G technology, the routers are fully autonomous and do not require any additional infrastructure for connectivity.

AUS D-Tech provides continuous monitoring to ensure system availability. The system can be self-installed and maintained with remote support.