Our cutting-edge bed bug detector is the world’s only device that can provide you with 24/7 real-time notifications about the presence of bed bugs in your establishment, offering unmatched peace of mind in ensuring the health and safety of your customers and allowing for prompted actions to be taken.


– Quick installation.

– Fast detection with a 94% or more accuracy rate.

– Real-time email and smartphone alerts.

– Working for you 24/7.


– No need to shutdown rooms nor establishments.

– No need to replace bedding.

– A less costly treatment due to the rapid detection before mass spread.

– No loss of business revenue.

– No impact on E-reputation.


– Natural pheromones

– Our pods are completely recyclable

– Assists in the preservation of your establishments furniture

– Less chemical treatments

Seize the initiative in combating this global scourge within your accommodation facilities. By taking proactive measures, you can stay ahead of the problem and ensure a safe and comfortable environment for your guests. Don’t wait for bed bugs to become a serious issue.

Be warned before your customers.

Quick and easy installation of our pods

Real-time email & Smartphone alerts upon detection of a bed bug.

Our innovative bed bug detector system guarantees quick and simple real-time detection of the number one enemy of hotels and other accommodation establishments, including service apartments, youth hostels, schools, daycares, nursing homes, hospitals, boarding schools, military barracks, cruise ships and camping facilities. With its advanced technology, our detector can accurately detect bed bugs and provide immediate alerts, allowing for swift action to be taken before the problem escalates. Trust in our system to protect the health and wellbeing of your guests and maintain the reputation of your establishment.

With the Spotta™ detector, you can revolutionise your approach to preventing the damage caused by bed bugs to both your guests and your establishment. By detecting bed bugs early on, you can avoid the costly consequences of room closures, treatment expenses, and loss of revenue, all while safeguarding the reputation of your business. Don’t let bed bugs undermine the success of your establishment – trust in the Spotta™ detector to provide a proactive and effective solution.

How do the bed bug detectors provided by AUS D-Tech work?

Installation is quick and easy.

Setting up our system is a breeze – just place one sensor under each mattress and it automatically configures itself to connect to our network.

After installation, our system requires no additional effort on your part.

Bed bugs are attracted to the pheromones in the pod, ensuring efficient detection and protection for your establishment.

Our detector traps and captures a picture of the insect that enters, while our systems AI algorithm identifies the insect and alerts our HQ if it’s a bed bug or another type of insect.

Once our detector identifies a bed bug, you will immediately receive an email or smartphone alert indicating the affected room, along with a picture of the trapped insect.

With this real-time information, you can take swift action to eliminate the problem before it spreads, minimising the impact on your guests and your business.

More information on How the Bed Bug Detection Pods work

Our system is designed to be universally effective, whether you're running a hotel, nursing home, or any other type of accommodation facility.

With AUS D-Tech, you’ll be equipped with a cutting-edge bed bug detector for every mattress in your establishment. Our pods operate autonomously, powered by batteries and a low-power wireless network for seamless communication.

Designed with bed bug-specific pheromones, our detectors attract pests and instantly snap a photo upon detection whist  our advanced AI algorithm processes and validates what has been trapped. You’ll receive immediate notification via email or smartphone with the room number, making eradication quick and easy. 

With our state-of-the-art technology, you can rest easy knowing that your establishment is protected against the threat of bed bugs.

Can my establishment be affected by these infestations ?

Bed bugs are a major concern in Australia, with the (Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water (DCCEEW), the Department of Health, the Interstate governments, and various environmental sustainability associations such as Australia Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA). Are all prioritising efforts in their eradication. This is due to the fact that bed bugs are a universal problem that can affect any type of establishment, anywhere in the world.

With our innovative detector system, you can join the fight against these pesky pests and protect your guests, reputation, and revenue.

You are potentially affected if you are a :

Wherever humans live, bedbugs can feed and breed.

At AUS D-Tech and Spotta™, we recognize that no one is immune to the threat of bed bug infestations and bites. That’s why we’re proud to introduce the world’s first detector that is over 94% effective in detecting and trapping bed bugs. With our cutting-edge technology and bed bug-specific pheromones, our detector provides reliable, real-time detection and protection against these pests for all types of establishments

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Please see below some more FAQ 's about the detectors supplied by AUS D-Tech

Our bed bug detector pods are designed with ease of use in mind. Completely wireless and battery powered, installation is as simple as peeling off the self-adhesive pad on the back of the device and placing it on the bed frame or ensemble base – it takes less than a minute. Once installed, the sensor pod automatically connects to the wireless network, and you can monitor its status through your dedicated client portal. And if you need any assistance, our dedicated telephone support team is always on hand to guide you every step of the way.

Our system provides you with real-time notifications via email or smartphone, allowing you to stay on top of any potential bed bug infestations. You can select up to 10 email addresses and 10 phone numbers to receive alerts, including your external service providers. And if you need to make changes to your alert preferences, you can easily do so through your online client portal. Plus, with access to current monitoring status and past detections, you can track the effectiveness of our bed bug detector pods over time.

Keep your bed bug detector system running smoothly with our hassle-free cartridge replacement service. Every 6 months, we’ll send you new cartridges for the battery and pheromones. Simply swap them out with the old ones, and use the original packaging to send them back to us for recycling at no additional cost. It only takes a few seconds per case, ensuring that your establishment stays protected around the clock.

Our pod system uses LoRaWAN wireless network technology to connect to a specifically configured router provided by AUS D-Tech, ensuring that it will only communicate with your establishment’s pods and not with others. Typically, one router can cover about 200 pods, and it connects to the internet via a 4G/5G wireless connection, ensuring that our system does not interfere with your in-house networks.

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