Welcome to AUS D-Tech, an authorised reseller of Spotta

Where we bring you the latest 24/7 IoT AI insect monitoring solutions that alerts of the presence of bed bugs and other insects, allowing you to intervene at the right time, in the right place, and with the right techniques, effectively preventing damage caused by these harmful vermin’s.

How our services works?

Quick and easy installation. Simply place a pod under each mattress.

Once in place, the system can remain maintenance free for 6 months.

When an insect enters a pod. The system takes a photograph and processes it AI algorithm, in order to identify the insect.

If it's a bed bug, an alert will be sent to inform you. Allowing you to take immediate action

How this benefits our Customers?

Find critters before your guests do and before they become a problem!!!

Prevents pest damage

Limits use of pesticides

Saves money and reputation

Peace of Mind

Some cutting-edge IoT AI technology solutions that are available for you

24/7 bed bug monitoring

Preventing bed bugs from infiltrating your premises is challenging, yet Spotta offers a valuable solution by promptly detecting their presence. Our covert systems operate around the clock, remaining undetectable by guests. Once a bed bug is detected, our alert system promptly notifies the hotel team, enabling them to take immediate action. By intervening before guests are bitten and infestations escalate, we ensure a proactive approach to safeguarding your establishment.

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